Something profound

Design Royale

This was an interesting experience to be apart of Advertisements


Minneapolis designer Dave Koehler and some of his pattern work http://www.davekoehler.com/pattern/

Make your own Judgement

Ok so the image on the left is a model done in a sophomore studio at Texas A&M in spring of 09…..The image on the right is a building designed by Paul Preissner some time in the past couple of months. Facts: the model on the left predates the model on the right The model … Continue reading

organized disorder

striking pavilion in the heart of london based on actual 3d scans of a termite mound which in itself in interesting enough. but more interesting is the juxtaposition of the organization of the structure and the composition but the seemingly disorganization of the interior. yet even the interior has order to it when you come … Continue reading


This has to be the best thing since the arch! It is one of the most ingenious innovations I’ve ever seen, it will open up so many possibilities the the world of architecture especially in the areas pertaining to high density residential and hotels. Overall the design has subtle complexity to it that you almost … Continue reading